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Molecular motors and mitosis


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Ecklund KH, Morisaki T, Lammers LG, Marzo MG, Stasevich TJ, and Markus SM. She1 affects dynein through direct interactions with the microtubule and the dynein microtubule-binding domain. Nature Communications, 8, Article number: 2151 (2017). (Download PDF)

Heasley LR, Markus SM, and DeLuca JG. “Wait anaphase”

signals are not confined to the mitotic spindle. Mol Biol Cell.

2017 May 1; 28(9): 1186-94. (Download PDF)

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Lammers LG and Markus SM. The dynein cortical anchor Num1 activates dynein motility by relieving Pac1/LIS1-mediated inhibition. J Cell Biol. 2015 Oct 26; 211(2): 309-322. (Download PDF)

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Markus SM, Omer S, Baranowski K, and Lee WL. Improved Plasmids for Fluorescent Protein Tagging of Microtubules in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Traffic. 2015 Jul; 16(7):773-86. (Download PDF)

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